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Over 100 quality new Prijon Sea Kayaks on sale now.
If you have a price for a Prijon from anywhere else in Australia make sure you contact us last and we will do our very best to beat it. Also fantastic discounts on all accessories!
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  • Prijon Catalina Touring Kayak - $1,550
  • Prijon Motion Touring Kayak - $1,695
  • Prijon Prilite 505 - $1,750 (last one)
  • Whitewater kayaks
  • Prijon Creeker 225 Creek Boat - $1,395
  • Prijon Cross Creek Boat - $1,495
  • Prijon Pure (Small and Extra Large) Creek Boats - $1,495
  • Prijon Forte river running play boat - $1,495
  • Prijon Release play boat - $995
  • Prijon Fly River running play boat - $995
  • Eskimo Nano play boat - $995
  • RTM Vertigo play boat - $995

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Prijon Prilite Marlin Now Available In All Colours In Australia

Feb 15 2013

The elegant, elongated lines makes it an ideal travel boat. MARLIN is despite its low weight relatively robust. Shallow angle to the side surfaces provide very good control when edging the boat. Changes in direction, thereby supporting optimal, the boat is always stable in the water. Sporty touring paddlers who also surf the wave and always want to maintain control will be thrilled. Safe sliding straight, quick changes of direction by edging the boat, everything turns out safely and accurately. The very comfortable seats is absolutely long-distance cruising.


Also Available  In Red.



Material PRILITE
Length 530 cm
Width 58 cm
Weight 23 kg
Volume 375 l
max. Payload 140 kg
Cockpit 3 (88 cm)

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