KFD Massive Spring Sale

Over 100 quality new Prijon Sea Kayaks on sale now.
If you have a price for a Prijon from anywhere else in Australia make sure you contact us last and we will do our very best to beat it. Also fantastic discounts on all accessories!
Ring now on (02) 8006 4786 or mobile 0409 419922.


  • Prijon Catalina Touring Kayak - $1,550
  • Prijon Motion Touring Kayak - $1,695
  • Prijon Prilite 505 - $1,750 (last one)
  • Whitewater kayaks
  • Prijon Creeker 225 Creek Boat - $1,395
  • Prijon Cross Creek Boat - $1,495
  • Prijon Pure (Small and Extra Large) Creek Boats - $1,495
  • Prijon Forte river running play boat - $1,495
  • Prijon Release play boat - $995
  • Prijon Fly River running play boat - $995
  • Eskimo Nano play boat - $995
  • RTM Vertigo play boat - $995

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Prijon Pure now available in 3 Sizes!

Mar 25 2011


Then many paddlers have been waiting for. A boat with modern ride quality and best interior. And yet virtually indestructible!
The PURE, developed by our team of white water to Toni Prijon and Bernhard Mauracher Creeker is a modern, made to withstand the challenges of steep streams successfully. Modern design combined with the reliability and resilience of our outstanding HTP – material produces a boat that everything adopts it.
NEW: 3D GRIP thigh braces with almost infinite adjustment possibilities. 

Pure and simple, this kayak is ready for the River. Developed by the new Prijon-Whitewater team, headed by Toni Bernhard Mauracher Prijon and design, the Pure is a creek that couples a modern hull and modern features with the outstanding reliability and durability of PRIJON-HTP. Many paddlers have been waiting for a boat like that, a creek boat that performs and will not break. It is fast, it turns on the spot and it will keep you safe! 

Pure Small - The PURE S is very agile and sporty, for smaller and lighter paddlers up to a weight of approx. 75 kg. Compared to the PURE M the seating hatch is a bit lower, to assist smaller paddlers in finding an optimum seating position. 

Pure Medium - The PURE M will provide paddlers of medium height and a weight of 65 – 85 kg with ideal riding qualities. Fast changes in direction, safe and controlled resurfacing as well as fast acceleration allow the paddler to focus fully on the creek.

Pure Large - The PURE XL is rounding off our range at the top end, for heavier paddlers and those who like to transport a lot of gear.To be fully able to profit from the advantages of the PURE XL, your weight should be at least 85kg. Only then will the boat show its full potential. To accommodate larger paddlers, the XL has a longer and at the front a bit broader seating hatch. 

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